This jet-setting gem is sure to capture everyone’s attention, neck TIE GOLD Diamond, made of lightweight polymers embodying the shape of recurring triangles with our signature hexagon sitt

Rates: 1st day rental : $50 Subsequent day: $40/day

Booking: simply provide the following details.
1. Name:
2. Contact Number:
3: Email Address:
4. Address:
5. Date of rental:
6: Number of days:

– If you’re interested to rent, inform me 2 days before and please PM me your number.
– I would require a photocopy of your IC back and front for reference in case of any defects or lost. But will be immediately dispose the information once the item is returned. (Your privacy is my policy.)
– Deposit of $50 for 1 to 3 days and $75 for 3 days or more. Will be returned to you.
– Any damage(s) will be charged based on how serious it is.
– Meet only at Woodland or Bishan
– Collection/return: Collection will be at 6-9pm before rental day Return before 12pm after the rental day Any dates unavailable can be notified without prior notice. – rent rate is fixed. I will state when the date is unavailable